Monday, December 31, 2012

Not today :(

This morning I anxiously awaited the morning rounds.  When they finally made it to us around 11 am I expected the team to come in and tell me that we were going home.  Instead, they passed by me with no word and disappeared.  Radiology soon cam in to take a chest x ray.  A little later Dr Bradley came in to check his incision and said that it was healing well and Dr Bandisoe would be coming to talk to me about discharge.  This sounded promising to me!  

When Dr Bandisoe finally made her way back to us, she told me that Brinkley had not passed the car seat test and would have to return home in the car bed.  That stinks!  We really want to get him out of that thing.  It does not seem very secure to either of us.  As disappointing as that is, it will not keep us here and we'll take it.  However, the chest x ray will keep us here.  There was a little "schmuck", as Dr Bandisoe called it, on the left lung.  We will have to stay tonight and have another x ray tomorrow.  They are trying to make sure that the drainage has not started again.

So, Brinkley and I will ring in the New Year from his room at MUSC and pray that we will end the day celebrating in our home!

*Pray for Bryan and our dear friends who will be driving him back here tomorrow.  It is a little scary to think about them be on the road with all the folks who have been "enjoying" their new year.  

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