Sunday, August 21, 2016

Quick prayer request

I'm sorry it's been a while.  We've had many many issues with our internet service lately and are now going on week three with no service at all.  I've got plenty to share but it will have to wait until I have wi-fi.  I've already used far more than my fair share of the church's data allowance on our cell phone plan.  Here's a quick update though.

Yesterday I found myself at the pediatrician's office with Brinkley.  Thankfully, our doctor was the one doing weekend duty and we are only dealing with pink eye.  Facebook reminded me that on the same day last year we made a sick visit to her office and promptly were sent to the ER and admitted with possible pneumonia.  Iy probably seems crazy, but I'm so thankful for typical childhood problems.  We've dealt with so many serious things over the last for years (and so many families deal with far more serious things than we have).  With that in mind, I'd like to ask you to pray for Brink and our care team.  We are currently going through a series of lab tests.  The goal is to determine if he has a deficient immune system and if so the specific issues involved.  We are hoping this will give us insight into how to keep him healthy.  He will have more labs this week.  Please pray specifically that they are able to get what they need on the first try and that there will not be complications with the blood draw.  Also please pray for wisdom as his new doctor (#15) as he interprets the results and makes a plan for Brink.