Thursday, December 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday

So today has not been our general, run of the mill, Thursday.  First of all, Bryan is out of the country.  He and our church's worship leader are serving in Guatemala this week.  They are part of a team from Take Heart Ministries that is hosting a Christmas celebration for the children of Casa Shalom Orphanage.  

Bryan normally takes Reese to school.  Since he is away, I have been doing drop off and pick up from school.  This morning I quickly picked Brinkley up out of the bed, changed his diaper and stuck him in the car for the trip to school.  He was still in pj's and had not eaten breakfast.  Thinking this would be a quick trip I didn't even grab the diaper bag.  The plan was to return home, feed him, dress him, and get to therapy at 9:15 am.  Let me tell you, that didn't happen.  

As I was driving through the car line I noticed that the man behind me was getting out of his car and walking toward mine.  I couldn't think of any reason I would have caused road rage and I wasn't holding up the line, so I was a little concerned.  I rolled down the window and the gentleman told me that my back passenger side tire was going flat.  This was no surprise because Reese has been very adamant that he poked a hole in the tire over the weekend.  He has diligently checked the tire everyday waiting to see the "fruits of his labor".  He wondered what would happen if he stuck a thumb tack in the tire and chose to find out for himself rather than just asking about it.  

There is a gas station just down the road from the school so I went straight there to attempt to air in the tire.  I put my $0.75 in the machine and connected the hose to my tire.  No luck!  The nozzle on the hose was broken so no air was going into the tire at all.   I have never changed a tire in my life.  Though I'm sure that I could have figured it out, I wasn't convinced that I could actually manage the tires.  I called my sister-in-law to ask where to take to tire to have it fixed, but then couldn't get her back on the phone to let her know I needed more help.  

Next up was my uncle.  I wasn't sure what time he goes to work, but they live relatively close by to where I was so it was worth a shot.  Unfortunately, he had already gone to work and was on a job in a town an hour or more away.  However, he had a coworker working in the area and was sending him to help me.  In the meantime, I got sister-in-law number 2 on the phone and she was sending her husband to help.  Just after I got off the phone with him my uncle's coworker arrived.  

The brief version, it took a while to get the car situated and get access to the spare.  Got the spare on, it was flatter than the original tire.  The kind gentleman was going to follow me to the gas station a little further up the road to pump up the spare, but we couldn't locate his truck keys.  We looked for quiet a while.  In the meantime, several phone calls were made and my cousin was on his way to get us.  

Brinkley was screaming like a crazy man.  I had planned to feed him when we got home, which by this time was more than an hour earlier.  He was cold with only his pj's and a blanket and I left the diaper bag at home.  Translation: no food, no drinks, no snacks, and no diapers.  

After a lot of searching we located the keys in a very obscure place and my cousin arrived to pick up Brinkley and I.  Andy, my cousin, took us to pick up Bryan's car.  Between there and home (5 minutes) Brinkley managed to find a glass of water and pour it all over himself and his blanket.  He was soaked!  My uncle plans to deal with the tire and move my car from the gas station later today.  

In honor of Andy saving the day I'm devoting my throwback Thursday to him.  

It doesn't seem like this little guy should be old enough to be coming to my rescue.  This was the two of us at a wedding in 2002 or 2003.  He'll be 20 next month!  Thanks Andy you are the hero of the day!  

I left home at 7:30 am this morning to drop Reese off and made it back home around 10:15 am.  That was one LONG trip to school!  

In case you are wondering, Brinkley didn't make it to therapy today.  

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Isaac's Christmas Wish

What a privilege it was to be a part of Isaac's Christmas wish.  I could have never imagined when we made the drive to Cincinnati to help deliver these gifts that we would have our own child on the receiving end a few years later. 

Holidays are tough for families who are hospitalized.  Many of these families are far from home and their families.  Unless you have been on the receiving end, you can't imagine the impact that a small gift can make on these families.  

This year Bryan and I will be delivering gifts to children at the Greenville Children's Hospital on December 23rd with Happy Wheels.  If your family would like to contribute a toy for a child (ages birth-18) contact me and I will make arrangements to get them from you.  Happy Wheels is a 501c3, so all gifts are tax deductible.  Please consider giving in honor of Brinkley and Isaac.  

Praise the Lord that both boys (Isaac and Brinkley) are doing well and plan to be home with their families this Christmas!