Monday, October 6, 2014

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

It's Down Syndrome Awareness Month and we want to help you learn more about DS.

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Here's a recap of what we've shared so far:

We've also shared these two special stories:

Meet Carter Murai.  He's a 7 year old that is making history as the first young model with DS to speak in a marketing campaign.  Here's his commercial:

Tim Harris is a 28 year old man who was voted Homecoming King and Student of the Year when he graduated from high school. Tim graduated from Eastern New Mexico University where he studied Food Service. He has traveled the world on a sailboat. Early in his teen years, Tim began to dream of owning his own restaurant. In 2010 that dream became a reality with the opening of Tim's Place. You can learn more about Tim here:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


In the midst of our craziness last week I nearly forgot about a super important milestone for our family.  Sunday marked our 3rd family-versary.  What is a family-versary you ask? It's the anniversary of the day that we finalized Reese's adoption and he legally became a Holder.  What a blessing God gave us nearly six years ago when we became the foster parents of the most beautiful six month old baby boy you've ever seen!  It took nearly three years to finalize his adoption, but we never doubted for a moment that he was ours.  The Lord's hand was so evident through the whole journey.  

Our family has changed a lot over the last six years.  The top picture is in the court room just after Judge Anderson declared Reese officially adopted (September 28, 2011).  The next row is the day Reese came home (December 22, 2008) and early 2010.  The bottom row in the day that Reese met Brinkley (September 9, 2012) and just after we brought Brinkley home in November 2012.  

Reese is not only a blessing to us, but he is one terrific big brother!  I love seeing my boys play together.  Their love for each other shows in everything that they do.  Reese has a heart like none other and is constantly thinking of his baby brother.  He always wants Brinkley to be included in the things that we do.  He hurts for Brinkley and worries about him when they are not together.  

Reese is truly one of a kind and I could not imagine our family without him.  He is endearing and one of the most loving children you will ever meet.  I love his heart for others.  He is very kind and compassionate and you can't help but love that sweet southern drawl.  

Mommy loves you Reese and is honored and blessed that God chose us to be your forever family!