Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Time is Here

Brinkley is continuing to make slow progress and we are taking care of a lot of little things such as formula issues and scheduling a car seat test.  In the midst of all the things going on at the hospital, it was nice to have some time with friends this week.  A good friend was in town for business and we met up with him for dinner.  One of our former students now lives here and we enjoyed meeting her for lunch and catching up. 

This morning I made a new friend.  Ashley stopped by to introduce her self and share her story with me.  She is also from the upstate and we have mutual friends.  She was here for her son to have a procedure today and took some time out to encourage me and just be a friend.  What a blessing that is!  No one can truly understand this road unless you have walked it yourself. 

We closed out the day with some special visitors.  Bryan's sisters and our nieces arrived to pick him up and bring him home for the weekend.  It was nice to see them for the few moments that they got to visit with us.   Soon after some of our dearest friends stopped by to say hello as they arrived in town to have Christmas with their daughter who lives here.  

Bryan went home to be at the church's Christmas service and to bring Reese back for Christmas.  Yes, we are planning for a nice Charleston Christmas.  It will be fun to be low key with our boys, but it does not feel like Christmas.  Today was the first day that it was even remotely cool.  I just can't get in the mindset that it is Christmas when people (including Bryan) are out in shorts and t shirts.  This weather is crazy!  Today it was around 50, but that is the first time it has been less than 70 since we have been here.  Maybe I should put up a palm tree instead of a fir tree.  It would certainly seem more appropriate for the weather!

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