Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's a dreary day

The weather has been beautiful since we arrived last Tuesday.  The temps have been in the mid 70's and it has been sunny.  Today, however, that changed.  We woke up to a dreary, cold, and rainy day.  Much like the weather, we have been feeling pretty crummy today.  The days are starting to take their toil on us.  

We arrived at the hospital this morning and met our nurse for the day.  She told us that the left lung had continued to improve, but things had shifted and the right lung had a large amount of fluid around it.  It was going to require an additional chest tube for drainage.  Also, the pacing has not made any progress yet.  This was hard to hear.  I had a hard time holding it together.  

Dr Raunikar called us this morning and spent 25 minutes on the phone with us.  He was walking us through everything that has happened to this point and talking about future plans and treatment.  He was very encouraging and helped us to feel a little more at ease with the slow progress.  Thankfully, any and all follow up will be able to happen in his office.  That is a blessing that we will not have to come back and forth to Charleston.  Before leaving us he prayed with us.  This is just one of the many reasons we are in love with him!

Soon after speaking to Dr Raunikar, the chest tube was placed and they were able to immediately drain a little over an ounce of fluid from around the right lung.  That is a lot of fluid from my very small baby.  The immediate x ray showed some improvement and another one will be done tonight or early tomorrow.  Once these look good we can work toward removing the breathing tube.  

Bryan and I both were exhausted after an emotionally draining morning.  We told the nurse that we were going to go home to rest and she said, "I don't mean to be rude, but you look tired.  I think that would be a good idea."  We just ate a quick dinner and will be headed back to check on him in the next few minutes.  

Please pray for us as this is beginning to be very draining.  Pray for the pacing issues and pray that we will be able to enjoy some time with Reese this weekend.  

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  1. I hate the CHD tango. One step forward and two steps back. Please know that we are praying for you guys.

    Mason and Carter's Dad