Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Charleston Here We Come

Charleston is one of my favorite places.  I love it when we are able to save up and spend a few days down there.  It is always a welcomed trip (especially if it involves the Isle of Palms).  Tomorrow morning we will be making a trip to Charleston.  It is an unexpected trip.  One that in some respects we would rather not make.  

This afternoon I took Brinkley in for a regularly scheduled visit with his cardiologist.  Dr. Raunikar was concerned about changes in Brinkley's oxygen saturation levels.  The levels have gotten lower and are staying low.  He personally did an echo and decided that we needed to be admitted to the hospital.  Brinkley and I got our first ride in an ambulance due to the fact that he needed to be transported while on oxygen.  

We were admitted to the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) and plans were set in place to have us transported to MUSC.  At first we were told we would be flown out to Charleston tonight, but due to the type of oxygen machine that they are using the plans have been changed.  He will have to be weened off the machine tonight and we will be flown out tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  Once we arrive in Charleston, we will meet the Pediatric Cardiology team and the surgeons.  They will do another echo and determine if a complete repair can be done immediately or if they will do a partial repair of his heart.  

Going into today's appointment, I thought that we would leave with a surgery date and start making plans for a February or March trip.  Little did I know what God had in store.  It is almost comical the way these things happen sometimes.  I am a planner and need to know what to expect.  I can adapt to change, but I need to have some idea of what to expect or I get a little panicked.  Dr. Raunikar told me to expect that we would probably be on our way.  As Brinkley and I were getting on the ambulance my phone rang.  I noticed that it was a long distance call so I answered.  It was a lady calling from MUSC to schedule Brinkley's surgery for February 6th or 13th.  I told the lady to pencil us in for February 6th but to expect us sooner.  I had no idea how much sooner that would actually be.  

I am glad that Brinkley is going to be better.  I am glad that he will be healthy for Christmas.  I am glad that he will be cared for by one of the top 15 pediatric cardiac units in the country.  I am glad that the wonderful staff at GHS is caring for him right now.  

What I am not so glad about is that I am missing out on a big week for Reese.  His first school program is this Thursday.  We were going to make his costume tonight.  I was so excited about being able to do this with him after all the time I have had to focus on Brinkley.  We also had a school project that we needed to do together tonight.  It breaks my heart that I will miss out on this special time with him.  I pray that he can understand how much I want to be with him.  

As much as it breaks my heart, I am glad that I stayed for the rehearsal today.  I had intended to go to my office and do somethings while he was practicing.  At the last minute I decided to stay and watch.  Its funny how God does these things in our lives.  After we can see the big picture little things make a lot of sense.  My sister-in-law had time off that she had to take by the end of the year and for whatever reason chose to take it this week.  Guess who is taking care of Reese!  

This morning on the way to rehearsal I heard a pastor teaching about Paul's thorn in the flesh.  He referred to some other folks in the Bible who had struggles and said, "If He allowed it, then He intends to use it."  That really caught my attention and I posted it on facebook.  Little did I know what my day would hold.  

I may not be able to see the big picture right now, but He allowed this and He is going to use it.  This just may be the best unexpected trip to Charleston ever.

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  1. My son Spencer is a Dr Rauniker patient and had open heart surgery 7 years ago in Charleston. We love Dr Rauniker he is a part of our family and Charleston was awesome! Prayers to everyone involved and hugs to you! You will on my mind and in my prayers! Denise Boyce,mom to Spencer 11yo with Down Syndrome