Saturday, December 8, 2012

Post Surgery Day 1

I have had several texts asking about Brinkley's progress today.  I am a little behind as we have tried to spend as much time with Reese as possible today.  First thing this morning we went to the hospital and sat with Brinkley and met with the doctors when they did rounds.  Bryan and I took turns staying in PCICU with Brinkley and in The Atrium with Reese.  The Atrium is a wonderful HUGE playroom in the Children's Hospital that is for patients and their siblings.  Reese LOVED it and begged all day to go back.  

Brinkley had a pretty uneventful night.  Of course he was heavily monitored all night and had a few echo cardiograms to make sure that things were working properly.   There were a few dips in numbers, but nothing unusual or worrisome.

This afternoon there was some concern with his lungs and the way that the fluid was draining.  This was examined and dealt with and seems to be moving in the direction that the doctors want now.  Down Syndrome causes low muscle tone which may be contributing to this issue as well as some of the other fluctuations that we are seeing in the numbers.  He is still heavily sedated but is being weened off the machines and medicines/drips slowly.  He was starting to stir around a little this evening and opened his eyes up a tiny bit to peek at Jordan and I.  That was certainly a welcomed sight!

We have been told that it will probably be Monday before enough of the tubes are removed and he is stable enough for us to pick him up and hold him.  I have been giving him plenty of kisses on his little cheeks.  

Reese is headed back home tomorrow.  We enjoyed a fun time at the beach with him today.  And yes, the wild man stripped himself down and went for a swim in December.  He was having such a good time we didn't have the heart to stop him.  Oh well, guess I'm not winning a Mommy award for that one.  

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