Thursday, December 27, 2012

Four weeks later

We are now well into our 4th week in Charleston and the tiniest Mr Holder is still taking his sweet time.  Brinkley's chest tube continues to drain 18-25 ml's everyday.  Dr Kavarana said that 10 is our magic number.  Brinkley needs to drain 10 ml's or less for two days in a row for the chest tube to be removed.  

Yesterday Dr K told us that he wants to give Brinkley a few more days before considering any other actions.  There is a medication that we can try and if it is not effective there is a surgical procedure that we can consider.  Dr K is not a fan of the surgery as it only has a 50-60% success rate.  He doesn't want to put Brinkley through the stress of a surgery that may not actually help him.  

We have learned that Dr K is very meticulous and does not rush anything.  At times that seems like a blessing and a curse.  We are ready to be home!  Reese referred to our home as "our old house" this week.  The poor little guy is so confused!  It was great having him with us this week.  He and I are home in "our old house" for the night.  I am taking him to play therapy tomorrow and then heading back to Charleston.  Bryan will be here for church on Sunday and will be staying to take Reese to another appointment next week.  
The stress of our current lifestyle is wearing on all of us.  Reese is having issues with his skin, allergies, and behavior.  We are going to try to focus on him over the next few days to see if we can get all of these issues addressed.  

Reese is not a fan of the drive from Charleston to the upstate.  I tried to help him out and we took our midway bathroom break at Toys R Us in Columbia.  He saw the Chuck E Cheese close by and asked if we could go there.  I agreed that we could go to the CEC at home if he would be good for Mommy.  He was really good at TRU and then when we got home, so I held up my end of the deal.  

Chuck E Cheese was a success except for one little issue.  Somehow on the way there Reese got a mini Hershey bar and it is now all over his car seat and the upholstery of the rental car.  The upholstery is cream and did I mention in a RENTAL CAR!  Any suggestions of how to remove that by 5pm tomorrow (Friday) would be greatly appreciated!  

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