Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 1 at MUSC

After 3 ambulances and 1 plane we arrived at MUSC about 1:00 yesterday.   Brinkley had a lot of evaluations and we expect the Drs to give us a plan today.  

We have limited internet access and can not have our phones turned on in the hospital,  so updates may be limited.  

Please excuse any crazy typos that you see as I am having to do this on my phone because of the limited internet.   Auto correct can be an evil thing.  

Some sweet friends of our niece Jordan hosted us in their home last night.   What a blessing!   At some point today we will move to the Crossbridge house in Mt. Pleasant where we will probably be for the duration.  

I will try my best to keep you up to date,  but as I said before,  our resources are currently limited.   Jordan and her friends are taking great care of us and Brinkley it's doing fine.   He was very aggravated yesterday,  but who wouldn't be after all that!  He was sleeping well when we left him last night and we are about to get ready to go back to the hospital.   Continue to pray for him and us.

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