Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Charleston Day 2

We arrived at the hospital this morning to find that Brinkley had been moved to the open floor from the room that he was in.  Before we left last night the nurse told us that this may happen.  The nurse gave us a report from last night and then the doctors made rounds.  They were glad to tell us that he was stable enough to move him to a private room.  They were waiting for a room to come open in the cardiac unit of the Children's Hospital. While waiting they had me feed Brinkley.  Bryan and I found a Babies R Us last night and got him a bottle like we use at home.  It made all the difference!  He had not been eating for them.  He took all of both bottles that I gave him and took them in 15 minutes.  

Around 1:00pm we were moved to a private room in 8D.  Brinkley had his worst Tet spell yet while the nurses were getting him transitioned into the new room.  (You can learn about Tetraology of Fallot here)  That was just a little more confirmation that Dr Raunikar made a good call in sending us now.  Soon after this the doctors for this unit came by to meet us and make their evaluations of Brinkley.  

There will be a surgery conference tomorrow mid day.  At this time all of the doctors involved will meet together and make a plan for our surgery.  They will meet with us after that to give us a plan.  The attending doctor said that she would guess that we will be scheduled for early next week and then have a 7-10 day recovery period here.  So what we thought would be a 4 or 5 day trip just turned into a minimum of 2 weeks.  

I thought that I may be able to go home for the night tomorrow to be at Reese's Christmas program.  Now I don't think that will happen due to the time frame the doctors expect to meet with us.  I was thinking that I would drive home for the night and come back first thing Friday morning.  It was even harder to accept that this probably wouldn't happen when Reese called us crying tonight begging for his Mommy and Daddy.  The worst part was that it was a video call, so we could not only hear him, but see the tears streaming down his face.  It absolutely broke my heart.  Bryan is going to go home for the program and spend the night at home with Reese.  He is going to bring Reese back with him on Friday and let him stay with us for the weekend.  I am hoping that the school will have videos available from the program.  

We moved into a house today that we can stay in for the rest of our stay.  It is so nice!  It is a part of a ministry called Cross Bridge.  This is a huge blessing and they have an incredible ministry.  

Please continue to pray for us as Brinkley still has a long road ahead.  We are praying that the team will be able to do a full repair of Brinkley's heart rather than just a shunt.  A shunt would mean that we will be doing this all over again at some point soon.  Please also pray for me as I will be here without Bryan tomorrow night.  That makes me a little nervous, but Reese needs us.  Pray for us as we are meeting many people and we want to make the most of those opportunities.  Pray for Reese.  We miss Reese and he is having a hard time with the separation also.   Finally, please pray for Bryan and I, as this is very  hard.  It is emotionally and physically exhausting.  

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