Saturday, December 15, 2012

Now it's Reese's turn

I apologize that this update is not very eloquent.  There is not a lot to report about Brinkley.  His lung x ray is continuing to improve a tiny bit each day.  Other than that, there isn't really any change.  We have seen several of the medicines and drips disappear.  He only has three lines connected as of tonight.  He has been much more alert since removing the breathing tube yesterday.  Bryan got a smile from him this evening.  This is the first time he has smiled at Bryan.  

Most of our action today came from Reese.  He was up crying most of the night with his ear hurting.  We took him to urgent care this morning to confirm that he has an ear infection and get him started on an antibiotic.  This is his 4th ear infection since the end of September.  Yes, I fully expect to be talking to our pediatrician about tubes when we return to the upstate.  September was the first one he has ever had and now we can't seem to shake them.  

The urgent care doctor seemed to agree with me in thinking that his allergies may be the underlying issue.  A few months ago we changed allergists because the former one didn't seem to want to cooperate with me.  I will be the first to admit that I am not a trained medical professional, but I am his mother and I have good instincts.  Brinkley's doctors keep telling me to trust my instincts, but Reese's allergist apparently thinks I have none and refused to do the things I was asking her to do.  I called the new doctor earlier this week and had no problem getting an appointment to do exactly what I was asking.  

I am hoping that we will be able to get some answers to his skin issues, the constant nasal issues, and the reoccurring ear infections.  All these things aggravate him and at times he is miserable.  It breaks my heart that I can't do anything that seems to help.  I am hoping that we don't have to go back to the strict diet that he had been on before, but I have a feeling that may be the direction that we are headed in.  

Hopefully the surprise we have in store for him tomorrow will make him feel better.  The great folks at MUSC made arrangements for us to be able to take him to the Aquarium tomorrow.  He is going to LOVE it!  

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