Monday, December 10, 2012

Not much change

Today were we able to be fairly productive with business type things.  The hospital sent someone to meet with me today to take over our insurance issues.  Brinkley qualifies for several forms of supplemental insurance and I have not been able to get anywhere with the follow up on my own.  I was able to sign off on some paperwork that gives them permission to take care of all of it for me.  They fill out the paperwork and do the follow up.  What a blessing!  I was also able to get some things at home taken care of via a few phone calls.  

As for Brinkley, we haven't seen much change today.  The attending doctor came and spoke to me for a few minutes before we were asked to leave the PCICU due to an emergency with another child.  They had just done an x-ray of his lungs but he had not had time to see it yet.  With that being said, he has been getting some respiratory treatments today.  His left lung has a lot of secretions that are breaking up and draining very slowly.  There are a few different things that could be causing this one of them being infection.  He is being watched closely for this.  He can not come off the breathing tube until this has cleared up.  Another reason for this could be the placement of the tube, so the tube was adjusted and we will see if it makes a difference.  

The other big issue that we are dealing with is his heart pacing.  Right now they are pacing his heart with an external pace maker.  After this type of surgery it generally takes some time for the heart to re-pace itself.  Like everything else, he is doing this very slowly.  They have been able to adjust the machine a little, but he is still not able to be removed.  Now we are watching to see if he may require a permanent pace maker.  

It is going to be another day or two before he can come off the breathing machine.  We can't move out of ICU until this happens and we can't handle him until then.  Please keep praying!  We are content to be here as long as we need to be, but we want to snuggle our baby!

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