Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Things are looking up

Mr Smiley has had a great day.  Both of his chest tubes were removed today!  Generally patients are held overnight to be observed once these tubes come out.  Dr Atz told us that we would probably be released tomorrow.  That was awesome news.  We don't know what to think about a one week hospital stay.  

Unfortunately, Brinkley has had issues with his O2 levels today and has had to go back on oxygen.  We are not sure how this will affect our chances of being discharged.  The doctors will let us know the plan tomorrow during rounds.  Regardless of what is decided on that we are supposed to be meeting with a pacemaker nurse tomorrow.  This will be one more thing for me to learn to manage.  It's a good thing I'm not working anymore.  I've got plenty to keep me busy!

I made a call to Dr Raunikar this afternoon (15 minutes too late).  Hopefully if the O2 is still a problem he can have us transferred back to Greenville to be treated and monitored there.  Dr Raunikar is on duty at the hospital this week and next, so he would be able to care for Brinkley himself.  I will follow up on this again in the morning.  Our prayer is that the problem will take care of itself, but if not it would be much easier on us and Reese to manage it from home.  

With this potentially being the last night that we have built in childcare we decided to take advantage of it and have a date night.  We had a nice dinner and followed it with a trip to KK!  I am not really a doughnut fan, but every once in a while I get Krispy Kreme on my mind and I need a doughnut.  This has been one of those weeks.  Doughnuts on the brain!  It was fun and we enjoyed the doughnuts.  The nurses did too since we brought some back to them.

Brink is a little too small for doughnuts, but we couldn't leave him out of the fun...

I know people probably think that we are awful not staying at the hospital all the time.  One thing that we have learned over our 13 weeks of hospital stays is that you have to take a break.  You have to have some fun when you can.  The hospital is so serious and it will consume you if you let it.  It is important to take some time for yourself and not lose sight of who you are.  I love my baby and I want the best for him.  What is best for him is to have parents who are well rested and clear headed.  Tonight a little fun with doughnuts was just what we needed to clear our heads!

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