Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Color Blind

Basketball season is officially over for Reese.  (Thank Goodness!)  I think we will be sticking with individual sports for a while.  Mr Enthusiastic needs a little more experience with working in groups before we tackle another team sport.  That's not necessarily a bad thing since he loves golf and swimming, but I digress.  

As any parent of a future Sports Center star knows, the end of a sports season means party time!  Party time was last Monday night and of course it came with lots of moms taking pictures and, what every kid waits for, a trophy!  Reese was no exception.  He asked numerous times when they would get their trophies.  He kept creeping over to the boxes hoping to get a glimpse of that majestic prize.  

After all the festivities were over Reese looked at the coach's wife and asked if she was Jonathan's mom.  This seems like a simple enough question, but it was one that nearly brought tears to my eyes.  You see, both the coach and his wife are Caucasian.  Jonathan is African American as are his parents and older brother.  Until this moment I didn't know that Reese realized that our family doesn't match.   Apparently he does and doesn't think much of it.  

We often talk to Reese about being adopted and we tell him characteristics that he has that "match" our family.  His brown hair matches both Mom and Dad and nearly everyone else in our families.  His brown eyes match Daddy and his curls are kind of like Mommy's.  He knows that God created him and gave him to us and that we love him no matter what.  One of my concerns in adopting a child that doesn't "look" like us was that he would feel like an outsider.  I know that those days may come as he gets older, but for now he appears to be color blind and I couldn't be prouder of him!  

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