Sunday, February 17, 2013

Making Progress

Last night when we arrived at the hospital to say goodnight to Brinkley we noticed that several nurses were in his room.  It startled me a little so I hurried into his room.  The nurses were all smiling and laughing and said that they had all come to admire the baby. Whew!  That was an intimidating sight but I was glad to hear that they were simply realizing what we already know; we have a super cute kid!

When we left they were checking some blood work every few hours to determine if he was ready to come off the breathing machine.  His numbers looked good all night and he continued to wet as they had hoped.  This morning his numbers were still good and his chest x-ray had cleared up.  Before we left for lunch his breathing tube was removed!  YEAH!  We also noticed that he only has six drips now and after removing the tube they started giving him pedialyte through his g-tube in preparation to start feedings.  

Tonight when we went to say goodnight he had been changed over to formula from the pedialyte.  If all goes well he should be up to full feeds tomorrow afternoon or evening.  Hopefully we will be able to give him a bottle as he was starving this evening and desperately searching for his bottle.  You could hear him smacking his lips.  It was pitiful!  

His drainage is still being monitored and will continue to be.  The first 48 hours after formula is started will be crucial in determining if the chylus drainage has returned.  Please pray that we avoid this!  To this point he has had normal drainage amounts and it has progressed the way the team wants it to.  

Brinkley's RA line is now the main factor keeping us in PCICU.  He will probably keep this line 24-48 more hours and then we can consider moving upstairs to 8D.  This is the Cardiology unit in Children's Hospital and our final stop before heading home.   

Please pray for Bryan and I as we figure out our schedule for the coming week.  Bryan will most likely be going home for a few days to spend time with Reese.  We will continue to spend time at the hospital with Brinkley also.  Leaving is becoming more difficult though. He is very alert now and aware of when we come and go.  Today when he saw us he cried  to be held and he started crying when we were trying to leave tonight.  It is so much easier to leave when he is sleeping.  It is heart breaking to have to leave him upset like that.  

We are still a few days out from being able to hold him and that is difficult for us all.  It is especially difficult when he makes that sad face and starts to cry because he wants his Mommy.  I have to remind myself that it is for his safety and benefit that we don't handle him and that he won't remember any of this.  I'm grateful that we can see his sweet little face now and to see him playing with his blanket and animal.  I look forward to getting a smile out of him soon!

He's having a talk with Jordan.

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