Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Moving on up and some unexpected blessings

As I look back over the last week I can't help but see quite a few ways the Lord has blessed us.  This twist in our journey was completely unexpected, but none the less blessed.  From dealing with car troubles and unfruitful doctor appointments that have to be rescheduled to appointments with nurses that turned into doctor visits that landed us back here in Charleston.  Things have been a bit crazy, but I always look forward to seeing how God shows Himself through the craziness.

Yesterday we woke up and made arrangements to get Bryan a rental to go home for a few days.  We were a little hesitant about renting the car because we really didn't need to spend that money.  Soon after reserving the car Bryan got a call from a friend who was in town for a sales call and wanted to have lunch with us.  He was headed back home and let Bryan ride home with him.  We also found out that another friend is coming to Charleston tomorrow for business and Bryan is riding back with him.  What a huge blessing!  Bryan got some guy time in and we saved the money we would have spent.

Yesterday Brinkley was able to have his RA line removed.  That was one step closer to moving upstairs and... it meant I GOT TO HOLD HIM!  I had not been able to hold my baby since Thursday morning.  Last night the doctors stopped the milrinone drip.  That brings the total of drips to four and meant that he was ready to move upstairs.  

With Bryan being home for a couple of days our sweet niece, Jordan, and one of her roommates  Chelsea, came and kept me company last night.   Bryan is spending some needed quality time with Reese and taking care of some things at church.  This morning was a little rough for them and Reese and Bryan both parted at school with tears in their eyes.  Please pray for our buddy.  He is having such a hard time and we are trying everything that we know to help him.  I can't imagine how he must feel and what is going on inside of him.  

On the flip side of that, Brinkley had a great morning!  I arrived at the hospital and he was all smiles.  I think he knew what was coming!  He had a great night and took a bottle well at 9 am.  The doctors pulled the last line that was going into his groin and we were off to 8D!  YEAH!!!!  One step closer to home.  His drainage still looks good and Dr Z said that one of the chest tubes will probably be pulled today.  No word on the other tube yet, but the drainage on it looks good as well.  

My little wonder is making progress and moving his way closer to home!

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