Friday, February 15, 2013

Post Surgery Day 1

I am glad to say that today has been UNEVENTFUL!  Yeah!  So far so good.  

Last night Brinkley had a fever but this is not uncommon after surgery.  It lingered a little today and was normal tonight when we left the hospital.  His drainage has been normal so far and they were working him off of the breathing machine today.  C Pap trials should be starting about now and these are used to determine if he is ready for the tube to be removed.  The removal of the breathing tube is the first of a few steps toward getting back to 8D and 8D is one step closer to home.  

It was encouraging to see familiar faces in the unit today.  Cheryl was one of Brinkley's frequent nurses last time and she came to visit us today as did Nurse Shea who had also taken up with Brinkley. Nurse Laura was his girlfriend during his last stay (she hooked him up with the snazzy Santa jammies) and she checked on him yesterday.  It was also nice to see doctors and residents that we had gotten comfortable with in December.  It has been surprising to see how many of the staff members remember you and remember about you.  Cheryl even asked us how the move into our new church building went.  

Brinkley's nurse tonight is Katie and we have mutual friends.  They assure us that she is wonderful!  Little things like this bring a sense a comfort in the midst of the chaos.  I think they are God's way of reminding us that He didn't bring us here to leave us alone.  He cares about the details and is orchestrating every step of this journey.

We look forward to tomorrow and pray that he will be tube free.  Join us in praying that there will be no lung issues and that the drainage will stay under control.  Right now he has 10 different drips going and we hope to start seeing those reduced tomorrow. If all goes well we are looking at four to five more days.  Our God is able!

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