Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The countdown is on

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and now 1!  We are down to our last week on this TERRIBLE formula!  Thank you Jesus!  Brinkley was taking full feeds by mouth when we arrived in Charleston (as much as 72 mls).  He has reverted back to only 10 to 20 mls by mouth and the last couple of days he has pretty much refused a bottle.  This is incredibly FRUSTRATING!  

Thursday when we saw Dr Raunikar he said that it would be ok if the formula didn't last until Saturday.  This Mommy's interpretation of that was, "do whatever you can to use it up before Saturday."  And, that is exactly what I have been doing!   I'm thinking we'll be done with it on Thursday.  

I talked with our Pediatrician today and she told me to put him back on his previous formula initially.   I am hoping that we will also be able to start adding some cereal in soon.  I feel like my baby is starving!  So, If you see a crazy woman dancing through town this weekend it's probably just me doing a happy dance.  I can't wait for this torture to be over so my baby can eat!  

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