Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I thinks he likes this too much

Apparently Brinkley prefers doctors and nurses to his family.  After being home for less than 48 hours Bryan pointed out that Brinkley was breathing very quickly and not very deeply.   Sunday morning his breathing was still off so I connected his 02 meter (his number should be 94-100).  After 30 minutes on the meter the best number I could get was 85 so I decided it was best to take him to the ER.  

I quickly learned that they do not waste any time seeing heart patients.  Brinkley was immediately taken in and the evaluations began.  It was decided to admit him to continue evaluating him and keep him on oxygen.  As soon as a room was available we were moved up to PICU.  He is still being monitored and we have not been given any indication as to when we may be discharged.  

Though we have not been given a definite diagnosis, we do know that his heart and pace maker are functioning properly.  Dr Rauinkar has been checking on Brinkley daily and keeping a close watch on his heart.  He has been communicating with our team in Charleston as well.  At this point, the doctors are leaning toward aspiration and/or possibly a virus.  Friday night Brinkley got choked up on some formula, so it is very likely that he did aspirate.  We will continue to stay on the monitors until this issue resolves itself.  

I must say that if we have to be in the hospital it is a relief to be in Greenville.  Our family can have a somewhat normal life.  We love the staff at GHS and continue to meet wonderful people there.  Let's hope that we don't drag this stay out too long.  Mommy needs her little guy home!  

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