Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just a little magic

On our last visit here we spent quite a bit of time with Dr Elhoff, one of the pediatric fellows.  He was the doctor that we saw the most often (and Bryan's new BFF).  Last night was the first time that Dr Elhoff has been on duty this go around and we spent sometime talking with him about Brinkley's oxygen situation.  He decided to have the nurse turn the oxygen off and see how things went.  

This morning as we were coming into the parking deck I joked with Bryan that maybe Dr Elhoff worked his magic and Brinkley would be off the O2.  I wasn't really sure what to think when I walked into B's room and the bed was empty.  For a moment I almost panicked.  I went to the nurse's station and asked where my baby was.  Well, there he was in a swing (big shock) by the nurses.  He had decided to put on his charm and flirt his way to the prime spot.  A few minutes later his nurse brought him back and there was NO O2 on his face!  Then her face lit up and she told me that the discharge papers had been signed!  WOOHOO!  

I am writing this while sitting in the floor beside the little guys car seat.  We are trying this car seat test one more time and praying that he passes finally!  We are also waiting for the pace maker nurse to come and educate us and then we can go home!  

We have a few things that we have to take care of here in town before we can leave, but we should be back in the upstate tonight!  Reese will be so glad to have us home.   I guess Brinkley just needed a little quality time with Dr Elhoff before he was ready to come home.  We just may have to have the boys send him a thank you note for working his magic.

Working hard on his car seat test

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