Saturday, February 16, 2013

Post Surgery Day 2

We were greeted this morning by nurse Liz.  She was one of Brinkley's nurses last time and we really liked her so it was great to see her taking care of him again.  Liz said that Brinkley had a good night, but that there was a change of plans on the breathing tube.  There is some fluid on his lungs so they are holding off on removing the tube.  It may be able to come out tomorrow.  We knew when we arrived that he possibly had a touch of pneumonia and that is apparently the culprit of the fluid.  He has been treated with an antibiotic and with diuretics to try to help flush the fluid out.

The team is pleased with the amount that he is urinating which shows that the diuretics are working as hoped.  His drainage from his chest tubes is still at an average level so that is positive as well.  He is down to seven drips with one of those being IV fluids.  He will not begin feedings until the breathing tubes are removed.  Our prayer is still that we will avoid the chylus drainage once he begins feeding.  

On our last go around Brinkley made it very clear that he works on his own time frame and each of the doctors have reminded us that he is in charge.  Well little buddy, we hope you are in a bigger hurry to get home this time!

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