Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We're still here

In case you were wondering, we have been without internet access at our house since Thursday night.  A repairman came yesterday to fix it and we are back up and running now.  Trying to type anything of length on my phone is just too frustrating, which is why you haven't heard from me in a few days. 

We are still in PICU at GHS waiting for answers to this recurring problem.  After nearly 24 hours we still had no information, so I finally just asked.  Dr Gwyn got very quiet, rubbed his head, and then looked at me and said he honestly didn't know.  I was glad to hear his honesty, but frustrated at the same time.  We've nearly four of the last six weeks in the hospital for the same thing and no one has answers.  Yesterday our gastroenterologist and pulmonoligist were both consulted and brought in to check Brinkley out.  Based on their recommendations there are three tests that we are anticipating.  

Tomorrow we will redo the mii that was done during our last stay.  Dr Markowitz gave them new parameters to do the test under, so hopefully this will help get better data this time.  If that test doesn't give us any answers then we have a milk scan lined up for Friday.  If needed we will do a bronchial scope after that.  At this point, our plan is to exhaust all options that we have available here before transferring to MUSC.  If any of these tests show that a procedure is necessary we will head to MUSC.  

We appreciate your prayers and the postcards that have been coming in.  We now have two international ones along with several different states.  I will be posting an update on Project Brinkley this week, so keep your ear out.  

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