Friday, April 5, 2013

I want my baby back

Brinkley is still in PICU and on the high flow 02 machine.  Yesterday they were able to go down on the 02, but today we went back up.  My poor baby is miserable.  His breathing is still labored and he is coughing a lot.  This morning his face was so swollen that his eyes could only squint. 

They restated his Lasix and that brought the swelling down a fair amount.  He has been on fluids only for a few days to try to give the gastric system a break while we focus on the lungs.  This morning he had a bad spell where his 02 got low and stayed.  He was really upset so it took a long time to get him calmed down and balanced out.  It was the first time we have seen him blue since his heart repair. 

He had another chest xray today, but I didn't get a report on it due to some critical issues that came up with the kids on either side of Brinkley.  I feel like it was worse than before though. 

Cardiology checked on us and answered some questions that I had.  Also, a social worker came today to help me start the process of applying for the medically complex children's waiver.  This would help us to possibly get Brinkley a home health nurse or into a special needs day care.  I am concerned about how I will mange both boys all day long when Reese is out of school.  Qualifying for assistance would be a huge relief since we could not afford to pay for the help out of our own pocket.

Pray for relief for Brinkley.  It has been almost a week since I have seen him smile and he isn't "talking" very much either.  He feels bad and is just not himself.  I want my happy baby back!  (Preferably the non-Sumo version.)

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