Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We're back... (The MUSC version)

Brinkley arrived at MUSC about 6:30 last night.  It was a somewhat uneventful night.  He got to have a bottle for the first time since admission to GHS on Saturday the 21st.  As you can imagine, he was quite ready for it!  He was so excited that he even held it himself for the first time.

Sorry, it's a little blurry
On top of all of his respiratory and reflux issues he is teething, so he got pretty grumpy last night.  Some cuddling and rocking calmed him down after a while until Mommy's clumsiness struck.  After finally getting him calmed down I attempted to put him back in the bed.  I didn't know it, but his feeding tube had gotten pinched between me and the bed and it pulled his button right out.  He was hysterical!  I was pretty close to that point myself and fought back tears.  The nurse promptly got the needed supplies to fix it and assured me that this happens all the time.  Unfortunately, that didn't reassure me.  I felt so bad.  He screamed and screamed for quite a while.  A bouncy chair, some music, and a little bit of a bottle eventually helped him calm down.  

We are still waiting on the team to round on him this morning so that we can get a plan.  I will try to keep to update as possible.  Here's a little sweetness to hold you over:

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