Sunday, April 21, 2013

Surprise surprise

Around 11:30 last night we found ourselves back at GHS.  Yet again, he is having respiratory issues.  We are becoming all too familiar with this. 

Since being discharged last Sunday his 02 saturation has continued to be low.  They have actually gotten a little worse everyday.  Yesterday we had to keep him on oxygen all day.  After his last breathing treatment he was wheezing terribly (worse than ever before). 

I was concerned and thought we should go to the hospital but didn't say anything.  Within 30 minutes Bryan said, "maybe we should take him to the hospital."  That was all I needed and within a few minutes we were out the door with feeding pump and portable 02 in hand. 

After a short visit in the er, we were moved to picu.  The sweet night shift ladies greeted us as we rolled in.  A couple of Brinkley's girlfriends came to get him settled in and talk to him.  We've become well known up here.  One of the nurses said they got a call from the er about a pacemaker baby and they immediately knew it was Brinkley. 

Dr Gwyn came in and talked with me and got the report.  I settled in for the night around 2am.  I must have been exhausted because I slept pretty well (even without ear plugs). 

This morning our PICU friend Heather is our nurse.  She is taking good care of Brinkley and Dr Gwyn has been in a few times to see us.  I just spoke with him about the possibility of going back to MUSC to see if a different set of eyes and hands may be able to nail down something we are missing here.  He assured me that a second opinion is a wise decision and he would support that. 

I asked that we ride it out a day or two here to give them time to treat whatever is going on.  After that Bryan and I can decide if we want to go to MUSC for a second opinion.  I feel pretty strongly that we will be going to MUSC.  Bryan and I have been discussing the possibility of going to their Down Syndrome clinic anyway, so this may be the push we need. 

Poor Brinkley!  We just want some answers and figure out a way to help him.  He has been so miserable lately.  Please pray for guidance and wisdom for us and the medical team as we work through this.

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  1. Praying for your decisions <3 I don't think there's anything wrong with a second opinion. You guys shouldn't be in the hospital this much. It breaks my heart.