Saturday, June 29, 2013


Yesterday we headed to Columbia to begin celebrating our nephew Jamie's wedding weekend.  It was evident immediately that something wasn't right with Brinkley.  I checked his 02 level and he was at 84 with his supplemental oxygen.  He should never go below 90, so this concerned me.  After giving him a breathing treatment and not seeing much change I called his Pulmonoligist.  He was very uncomfortable and struggling to breathe.  They advised me which hospital to go to.

Not being familiar with the area, I felt it was best to call ems.  An ambulance arrived and we were off to Richland Memorial.  After a long day in the ER we were admitted to Palmetto Health Children's Hospital.  The doctors think he may have a virus and say that we will be here at least until Monday. 

The attending doctor told Bryan this morning that his fiancee is the doctor that most recently treated Brinkley at GHS.  It always amazes me the ways God continues to weave our story. 

It makes me so sad that Brinkley won't be able to attend the wedding.  The nurse has assured us that it is fine for us leave Brinkley while we celebrate with Jamie and Stephanie.  They've even offered to have a nursing student possibly sit with him. 

Though this is not the way we thought our weekend would go, we know that God has a plan and it is perfect. 

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