Sunday, June 2, 2013

Attack of the Reese

Due to technical difficulties I had to take an unexpected break from blogging.  (Technical difficulties= Reese attacked my computer with a sword and busted the screen.)

After a week and a half at home we are back at GHS.  We had a few rough days at home that seemed to be triggered by environmental factors.  It appears to me that he may be having allergic reactions.  With me being asthmatic it is likely that Brinkley is also.  At this point the doctors have referred to it as Reactive Airway Disease.  I will be pursuing this with our Pulmonologist.   Exposure to cats and smoke are two of the things that have set him off recently.  

Thursday we were admitted after the albuterol treatment did not bring his oxygen numbers back up.  We have been hanging out here working on weening him off the oxygen.  They have also been treating him for his feeding tube being infected.  This may be playing into him being slow to recover from the respiratory issue.  We were also able to get some info back about the sleep study he had last week.  He has severe sleep apnea and we will meet with the sleep specialist this coming Thursday to make a plan for treating this.  

Brinkley is making great progress in therapy despite having to miss so many sessions due to hospital stays.  This week we will start going twice a week to take advantage of the progress that he is making.  Keep in mind that he was six weeks premature, has Trisomy 21, and has had two open heart surgeries.  All of these bring some level of physical and developmental delays.  Even though he is a few days shy of nine months old, he is just starting to have good head control and is working hard on rolling over and sitting up.  He has started holding a small bottle on his own and he does well with handling toys.  We are so proud of him and can't wait to see how he progresses.  

Please pray for Reese as he is having a very hard time right now.  We will be seeing the behavioral specialist again tomorrow.  The last two weeks have been VERY VERY difficult with him.  We are praying that the doctor will be able to help us start moving in the right direction. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

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