Monday, May 13, 2013

Tears and smiles

Overwhelmed, last night I left the hospital with tears in my eyes.  

Yes, you read that right.  We are back in the hospital.  Saturday night Brinkley threw up a few times and then started having very loose bowel movements.  He was restless all night and seemed to have a fever.  Sunday morning I checked his temperature to see that he had a fever and his breathing had become very labored.  We hurried to the ER to find that his fever was worse (102) and his breathing even more erratic.  Dr Polley did some lab work and decided that we are dealing with a stomach virus.  

Mary Beth was the RT on duty for both the ER and PICU yesterday and she promptly told the PICU team that we were back.  Nurse Anne was soon by our ER bedside and let us know that the ladies upstairs were already discussing who got to have Brinkley this time.  Soon we were wheeled upstairs and found several of the precious nurses waiting to greet us.  Our day was full of visitors.  One nurse after another came in to visit us, as well as a couple of the residents that have been so good to us.  

After our experience at MUSC the last couple of weeks, I was reminded just how blessed we are to have this wonderful, loving, team taking care of our sweet baby boy.  The nurses and doctors came in and hugged me and many of them reminded me that they were continuing to pray for our family.  All along this journey my prayer has been for wisdom and peace as we build the team caring for Brinkley.  Last night I was reminded and overwhelmed by how faithful the Lord has been to answer those prayers.  

As the attending doctor just came into our room, he said, "we have to stop meeting like this."  He then commented that he didn't know why I was smiling, he wouldn't be if he were in my shoes.   All I can say is that these shoes are firmly planted in the knowledge that the Lord has a purpose for all of this.  As in everything else in this life, He has promised that since He brought me to it He will lead me through it.  I'm determined to make the best of this and take advantage of every moment that I have here to love my baby and show love and appreciation to the staff here.  It's not always smiles.  As a matter of fact, there are many tears.  However, those tears last night were tears of joy.  I was simply overwhelmed at the goodness of my God.  

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