Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Yesterday Brinkley had an EGD and a Bronchoscopy.  Both the GI and Pulmonologist took biopsies of the areas that they looked at.  It will take a few days to get the results back from those, but we expect to have them tomorrow or Friday.  So, in the meantime, we wait.

The GI, Dr. Carter-Kent, found two ulcers in his small intestine.  She said that these are most likely caused by reflux.  The biopsy of the tissue around it will determine more about the source.  The biopsy of the lungs will help to determine if he has been accumulating formula or secretions in his lungs.  

He had an "episode" during one of his feedings with the nurses.  His breathing became erratic and his 02 levels began fluctuating.   She alerted the attending doctors and they are beginning to see what keeps happening at home that is sending us to the ER.  I hate that this is happening to him, but I am glad that the nurses have seen it since it is often hard to describe very well.  This afternoon, however, he ate well!  He couldn't get enough and would have finished the whole feed by mouth, but he fell asleep.

We will continue to wait for the biopsy results.  The GI and Pulmonologist will then work with us to make a plan for how to proceed from here.  If a procedure is necessary, we will schedule that and return home until then.  I am looking forward to being home soon and having all of my boys in one place.  I am really missing Bryan and Reese.  Thankfully when we return home we will have in home nursing.  If it works out well, it will be a HUGE blessing and will allow me some time to focus on Reese and tackling his current issues.  

Reese has been referred to a program for the summer that will help us keep him in a structured setting until school starts.  We are hoping that it will work out and that it will be something that we can do financially.  

In the midst of this hospital stay my little wonder has hit a couple of milestones: 1. He is grabbing onto his feet and ankles and waving them.  2. He's 8 months old!

Somebody is happy about being 8 months!

Here's a little sweetness to leave you with:

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