Monday, June 10, 2013

GHS update

Unsurprisingly, we made our way back to GHS on Saturday afternoon and we find our selves admitted once again.  These respiratory issues are kicking my fanny.  We are on the floor so I am having to stay all the time.  I don't mind (I actually like the quiet), but I am desperately in need of sleep.  I think the last time I slept all night was during my trip to Memphis in April.  

Brinkley has had quite the work up today.  He's had blood work to test for allergies, immune system issues, and some viral and infection screenings.  We just returned from a chest x ray and are waiting to hear back from Sleep Medicine about home care for his newly diagnosed sleep apnea.  Needless to say, he is worn out!  We will continue to hang out here as his oxygen requirement is rather high right now.  

As for Reese, we are working to regulate his new medication that is to treat his anxiety and behavior issues.  So far the medicine is helping to keep him calmer, but it is making him extremely emotional.  I am not sure what is worse bouncing off the walls or the constant crying.  We'll keep working until we figure it out though.  

I keep looking for my opportunities to love on people here while we wait.  Today I have a box of cupcakes to share with the nurses.  I hope they enjoy!  

Please continue to pray for our boys.  My biggest prayer right now is that we can get Brinkley healthy and out of here in a couple of days.  Reese's birthday party is this weekend and I have so much to do to prepare.  Please pray for me as I try to figure out how to balance it all.  

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  1. Hey Crystal...**I know it's been a long time** I have been following you are your precious family and I have to say that you are very special. There are no mistakes just lessons we learn usually the hard way around. Your boys are beautiful and I am so in awe of how strong you guys have been through all this. Having four kids who get sick constantly I know how much strain it can do to a person. As I was reading about Reese's new meds, I wanted to let you know it's normal. The thing is keep an eye on it. We are now on the 9th med with my oldest and we are still debating on whether having him calm and angry or wild because on most days there is no in between. I hope you know that you have many people praying for you and I know God's got his arms around you and your family. I think the toughest thing I tend to do when everything seems to hit at once is try to carry the load myself. I almost feel like if I ask for help I would be putting a burden on someone else. I have learned, the hard way at this, that God gives us family and friends for times like these. They are there to help hold things up and get things done when one person just can't do it all alone. I hope Reese has a great birthday and that Brinkley gets to try out cake for the first time!!! If you need anything I am here, especially with Reese. We have been down this meds. road since Eli was 4, so I am a pro....nope JK!! Love yah!!