Sunday, July 28, 2013

Let's get caught up!

It's been a busy month for us and I am way behind in communicating with you all.  Brinkley was discharged from the hospital in Columbia on July 1st and we have had a couple of close calls since.  Thankfully, we were able to get things under control with visits to the Doctors office rather than the hospital.  One reason we have stayed on top of it is that we FINALLY have a nurse!  YEAH!!!!  

After two agencies failed to be able to provide us with a nurse we were picked up by another agency and they immediately had a nurse for us.   I can definitely see the hand of God in this and I am very interested to see how this all pans out.  Like I said, this is the third agency that we have met with.  Our current agency introduced us to one nurse and she worked with us a couple of days, but then decided that it was too long of a commute for her.  (I had anticipated this since she was coming from Abbeville.)  The next day a new nurse started and she has been with us for three weeks now.  

As I said, this is totally a God thing.  She and I have been talking a lot and getting to know each other.  I have been able to encourage her and she has been a big help to us.  In our conversations we discovered that she had applied with the first agency for our family.  This was before we realized that the agency was not going to be able to take Brinkley's case.  For me, that clarified that she is truly supposed to be with us as neither agency gave her identifying information about us, so she had no idea that she was applying for the same family through two different agencies.  On top of this, she only lives two and a half miles from us.

Brinkley is doing well in therapy and is very close to sitting on his own.  His OT is impressed with his fine motor skills and wants to start working with him twice a week.  Reese is also about to start OT to help him/us learn strategies to help him manage his anxiety and self control issues.  This is perfect timing as he will be starting Kindergarten next month.  Connie, our therapist, wants to work with us and his new teacher to help him be successful at home and school.  

This week we got Brinkley's six month assessment back from his early interventionist.  He proved to be progressing well with all of his skills.  Overall, he has about a 40% delay for his age.  With preemies you consider their adjusted age for a while.  Brinkley's adjusted age is seven months.  He only has about a 20% delay for his adjusted age.  He is one tough little guy and is working hard every day to learn and get stronger.

We have some exciting things coming up, so be on the look out tomorrow for details!  

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