Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Me Time

Me time doesn't come very frequently around here, but when it does I enjoy doing crafts. I decided to try my hand at a few things for Brinkley's room.  For a change of pace, I thought I would share those here.  I got two ideas from Pinterest that I wanted to try.  The first one wasn't a complete disaster, but it is definite redo, so I won't post it yet.  The second, however, turned out pretty well and I am proud of it.

The idea came from TLC via Pinterest.  Here is a photo of the finished product:

This is across the back wall of his bed room and takes up and large majority of the wall.
These are chipboard letters that I bought at Hobby Lobby and I covered them with scrapbook paper that matches his room decor.  I sprayed each of the letters with spray adhesive and then laid the letter (sticky side down) onto the scrapbook paper (print side down).  Using a craft knife, I cut around the edges of the letters and pulled away the excess paper.  I used sandpaper to smooth the edges and hung the letters on the wall using command poster strips.

Here are some closeups:

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