Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Got My Trade In

I finally got to cut my white bracelet off and trade it in a little over a week ago.  What did I trade it in for you ask.  Well, here is a little glimpse into our first full week at home:

Monday: 3 1/2 hour Cardiology visit & Home Health Nurse visit
Tuesday: 2 hours of therapy followed by my first day back to work in eight weeks
Wednesday: No appointments for Brinkley but back to work for me and a visit to Reese's school for the Costume Parade.  We ended the day with trick or treating in Aunt Tracy's neighborhood.
Thursday: Work for me, Flu shot appointment for Reese, and Pediatrician visit for Brinkley.  A long sleepless night with Reese.
Friday: Pediatrician visit for Reese (ear infection) followed by a Home Health Nurse visit for Brinkley.

It was nice to get back to work, but it will be even nicer to get a full week in.  Everyday was cut a little short.  One of the great things about NICU is that all the specialists come to you, but I will gladly trade that convenience for having my Brinkley home!  

He is doing great at home and hit 6 lbs this past week, but we are looking forward to a little bit of a slow down soon!  This week looks to be just as crazy as last week (Pediatrician, surgeon, and two home health visits).  We are learning to adjust to life with a newborn and falling more in love with him everyday (just like everyone who has met our little red headed wonder).  

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