Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 7

Today makes the seventh day of our stay.  This is our longest stay in about two years.  We are hoping that it will be wrapping up soon.  Brinkley is starting to feel more like himself and actually ate some of his lunch today (chicken and fries).  His favorite part of lunch was the chocolate pudding.  He was not interested in dinner but did scarf down the vanilla pudding.    He played a little with some toys on his bed.  

He still needs oxygen support and is needing more help than usual at night.  His body temperature is staying in his normal range now.  We are attempting to put him back on his home settings for his CPAP machine tonight.  If he does well we will discuss a plan for working toward home.  Small steps are positive steps and we've made a few, so things are moving in the right direction.  

Please, please, please pay attention to your symptoms!  If you have a cold, stay home and take care of yourself.  This strain of RSV is AWFUL and could (and has) take the life of a person that is medically fragile.  In an otherwise healthy person, this virus simply looks like a bad cold.  This is not isolated to the upstate.  I heard today that the peds cardiac unit at MUSC is, and has been, full of terrible cases.  Many of our Instagram friends have told us that their children have been battling this also.  It's everywhere and is putting so many of our fragile kids in ICU.  

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