Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Update

Yesterday afternoon Brinkley perked up a little and asked for a banana.  He also asked to watch Clubhouse (a.k.a. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).  He sat up most of the afternoon and talked to me a little.  It was the first time in two or three days that he had eaten or talked to me.  Reese got to come visit for a little while last night and they were so excited to see each other!  Brinkley was hugging and kissing Reese.  (He's had no interest in anyone else since we've been here.)

This afternoon the doctor told us that this is the worst strain of RSV they have seen in several years.  It has been really rough on the babies and medically fragile kids.  He said that some kids have been here 2-3 weeks trying to get back to baseline.  I am certainly hoping that is not the case for us.  Tomorrow makes 7 days.  One thing that works in our favor is that we have a wonderful NP at the pulmonologist's office that insists that I keep some equipment at home (even though I have thought it wasn't necessary).  She's a pretty smart lady and that gives me the ability to take care of some things from home that would require other people to be admitted.  

It looks like at least a couple more days in the PICU and then we'll reevaluate.  

Brink has been eating a little today, all though, he hasn't been drinking.  He actually ate a few Joe Joe's (cookies) and asked to watch Baby Signing Time.  If you know my boy, you know this is a great sign that he is feeling more like himself.  Currently, he's wrestling with a box of crayons and coloring.  

Please continue to pray for him and specifically that his CPAP settings would be able to be adjusted back to home levels.  Pray for our family as it is tough to work out the logistics of having our family split between the hospital and home.  Finally, pray for the family that was in the room around the corner.  It appears that the child passed away yesterday afternoon.  I can't imagine their grief and it is obvious that the recent losses are weighing heavy on the staff.  

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