Saturday, January 30, 2016

Just a little update

Brinkley rested much better last night.  However, he had a hard time regulating his body temperature.  He stayed at 91 degrees most of the night.  This morning he has gotten up to 96 which is close to his normal of 97.5.  

I just spoke with the attending doctor in the PICU and he said that Brinkley's symptoms are consistent with the current strain of RSV that they are seeing.  ( I had no idea that there were different strains.)  He said that it has been really bad this year.  It appears that they have been treating numerous kids with RSV.  

We will continue to watch him and plan to move back to a regular room when his CPAP machine can be adjusted back to his home settings.  He is resting pretty well today and is back to a regular oxygen cannula for now.  His oxygen requirement is low at this point. He is grumpy, but moving in the right direction!

We tried a different respiratory therapy technique today.  Brinkley wore what our buddy Grayson calls the shaky vest.  It's a belt that goes around the chest, inflates, and then vibrates to break up congestion.  It's a little scary at first, but he did great.  He sat in my lap while using it and it felt like we were sitting on the running washing machine.  Here's a peak: 

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