Wednesday, February 3, 2016

And on the 8th day...

I'm sure you are all familiar with the Biblical account of creation.  In six days God created the Earth and on the seventh day He said that it was all good and He rested.  Brinkley decided to wait until the eighth day to rest.  Rest in the comfort of his own home that is.  Brinkley felt much better yesterday and played some.  He smiled several times and even laughed a few times.  Late in the afternoon, we consulted with the ICU team and pulmonology (and I consulted with a couple of great friends who are medical professionals on my on) and decided Brink was to the point that I could care for him from home.  He is still sick and most likely contagious and will not return to school or therapy until next week.  Currently, he is still requiring oxygen but we hope to be able to ween that over the coming days.  We will follow up with pulmonology on Friday morning.  You can see from the photos that he perked up a lot more yesterday.

He managed to convince the nurses to let him play with the thermometer.

One last chocolate pudding before we headed home.

More thermometer fun.

Praise Jesus, I'm going home!

Please continue to pray for him.  There are so many things to think about when treating a child who is medically complex.  I failed to think about all the therapy that he has missed for the last two weeks.  It never occurred to me that I should ask for therapy while he was admitted.  He laid in the bed for eight days, plus the two days he was home sick.  When I took him out of the bed to go home, he nearly hit the floor.  He poor little legs are like jello.  Being bedridden for a child with hypotonia is terrible.  I didn't realize just how terrible.  We've got a plan of exercises to try at home until we can go back to therapy next week.  Please pray that he hasn't regressed and that he will bounce back quickly and stronger than ever.

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