Sunday, October 27, 2013

Virus, RSV, Pneumonia... Back to GHS

Last Thursday (10/17) Brinkley started running a fever.  Due to the fact he is cutting teeth I was not concerned about the low fever.  However, the fever continued the next day and began to include some coughing.  Saturday the coughing got worse and so did the fever.   None of the things I have be trained to do from home were helping so we headed to the ER.  

Brinkley is really hard to stick due to being stuck so many times.  They were not able to get labs so we had to come back on Sunday for a recheck.  The consensus was that he had a respiratory virus.  

Monday we were scheduled to see Peds Surgery for his regular check on his g-tube.  Our nurse there was also one of our NICU nurses and she has always been very attached to Brinkley.  I told her that I had called pulmonology earlier in the morning to see if they wanted to see Brinkley.  She decided that I was not going to wait for a call back and she called them herself and made arrangements for them to see us immediately.

Our regular nurse at pulmonology (surprise, surprise, she loves Brinkley) came in and took over from the tech that was helping us.  She quickly got his vitals and put us in a room.  Lisa, our NP, checked him out and felt certain that he had RSV.  She tested him and gave us an RSV treatment plan.  Ironically, the RSV screening came back negative but she wanted us to continue the same treatment plan.  Thursday came around and Brinkley did not seem to be making any progress.  Actually, he was getting more miserable. 

That night his temperature reached 102.8 so I called Lisa.  We decided to bring him to the ER, so she called ahead and made arrangements for them to be expecting us.  We arrived around 8:30 pm and finally got admitted and moved to a room around 2 am.  I talked with the various doctors and and nurses and was able to go to bed around 3 am.  Of course, Brinkley was up for the day at 5 am.  Needless to say Friday was a long day!  

So we have been here since Thursday treating pneumonia.  Yesterday seemed to be his turn around day.  He played a good bit and got back to his regular schedule for the most part.  The team plans to send us home tomorrow.  Unfortunately, Brinkley will not be able to be at the Buddy Walk today, but we are excited to be walking for him and hope to see you there!

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