Sunday, October 27, 2013

A purpose for it all

As frustrating as all of these hospital stays can be, I am always amazed at the opportunities that arise in the process.  Thursday night while we were in the ER the nurses asked me about our family.  After telling them about Reese the male nurse (whom we have become quite familiar with) came back and asked if he could ask me some personal questions.  What followed was a lot of questions and discussion about Reese's adoption.  This seems to come up a lot when we are here.  So many people are curious about the process and say that they have thought about adopting.  As they would say at Chick-fil-A, it's my pleasure to share about my Reesey and encourage others to get involved with these awesome kids!

Friday morning when the team made rounds we were so encouraged!  I asked the attending doctor if we needed to notify cardiology that he had been admitted.  He told us that everything looked great with his heart and they were not concerned that this was affecting the heart.  I told him that Dr Raunikar tends to be overly cautious about Brinkley and we would like to at least have him notified even if it wasn't necessary to be seen.  His response was, "Austin Raunikar is an amazing doctor.  It has been my goal to strive to be the kind of doctor that he is."  I nearly cried (and I'm tearing up typing this). 

If you've followed Brinkley's story from the beginning, you know our prayer was never that God would take away Brinkley's conditions, but that He would grant us wisdom in choosing his medical team.  This doctors comments about Dr Raunikar were just further confirmation to us that God has been faithful to honor that prayer.  

As if those two incidents weren't enough to make this stay seem purposeful, after the team left one of the doctors returned.  He asked if he could ask us some personal questions.  His  wife is expecting their first child (she's 36 and he's 51) and is at high risk for Downs.  He asked us a lot of questions about our prenatal journey as well as how things are now.  Again, it was my pleasure to share about our precious Brinkley and to educate someone about DS.  After talking for a few minutes, he shared his story with us and it was so interesting.  He and his wife are both from Iraq.  It was an honor to be able to share with him and I was so impressed that he asked.  

It was kind of ironic that this happened when it did.  GHS is the home of the USC school of medicine in Greenville. One of their programs that I was excited to find out about is one where they send pediatric medical students into the homes of special needs families to observe and learn what life is like at home.  This rotation we are the family that they will be observing, so this doctor's questions were preparing us for the students.  

To bring it all home, my devotion this morning was about blind Bartimaeus.  He approached Jesus and asked him to give him sight.  Jesus responded that his faith had made him whole.  It wasn't his intellect, his money, or his works, but his faith that healed him.  He is an example that faith is all it takes.  It is my job to keep the faith on this journey and to know that He is faithful to answer my prayers and embrace every opportunity that presents itself to me.  He has proven faithful in my prayers for wisdom to this point and will continue to be.  Faith that there is a purpose in this journey.  No more, no less.

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