Friday, September 27, 2013

Sit back and watch You go

Over the last few days I have seen several stories and videos about adults with Down Syndrome who are actively working and making a difference for those that they serve.  Two stories in particular have been about young men who work with sports teams.  (One story includes a young man named Brad that I grew up with and mentioned in a post a few months ago.)  One in particular was on ABC nightly news this week and was also on ESPN's E:60.  

Stories like these bring tears to my eyes.  This one in particular gets me because of something the mother says.  At one point she is talking about her son and says that he loves his life.  He has a great life.  What parent doesn't want that for their child?  (Any child, typical or special needs.)

So many times we think that people with disabilities of any type are sad and pitiful and that their lives must be terrible.  Like anyone else, their lives are what they make them.  What we let them make them.  I am challenged everyday to step back and let Brinkley be Brinkley.  It is my responsibility to give him every opportunity that I can to succeed.  It is also my responsibility to let him learn on his own.  Yes, he is a baby and there are many things that I have to do for him, but there are many things he can do on his own.  For instance, he has to learn on his own that chewing on his fingers with his new teeth hurts.  Or that swinging toys around most likely will end with the toy smacking you in the face.  

Just like every other parent of a child with a disability, I have to keep pushing on, keep providing opportunities for learning and growth, and I have to get out of the way.  After watching this video I couldn't help but think about the impact that both of my boys lives will have on those around them.  

Reese loves the Toby Mac song Steal My Show.  He sang it for quite a while in the car tonight and the lyrics immediately came to mind as I was processing my thoughts on this video.  The lyrics became like a prayer.  "If You wanna steal my show I'll sit back and watch You go.  If You got somethin' to say Go on and take it away.  Need You to steal my show.  Can't wait to watch You go, oh, oh.  So take it away."

My prayer is that Christ would steal the show everyday in my boys lives.  I pray that they would embrace what God has given them in such a way that people see Christ in all that they do.  Knowing the impact that both of my boys can make excites me as I "sit back and watch You go." 

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