Monday, August 26, 2013

In and Out

Three days.  That's how much I packed for our trip to MUSC last week.  I told Bryan that I was only packing for three days because I was trusting that this would be a short trip.  After our visit in July with Dr White, we were scheduled to have an MLB on Friday, August 23rd.  Dr White had prepared me that Brinkley's tonsils are enlarged and may need to come out.  This procedure would help him determine if the tonsillectomy would be necessary based on how severely they were contributing to the sleep apnea.  If it were necessary, he would remove the tonsils and adenoids following the scope.  

We were a bit concerned since Dr White, along with our therapists and nurse, had warned us that this would a tough recovery for B and would probably set him back.  Dr White had also told us to plan to spend the night in PCICU following the procedure so that they could monitor B.  

Thursday evening Brinkley and I headed to Charleston and prepared for our early morning.  We checked in at 7:45 am and soon headed to the holding area (PACU) and met with the various teams involved in the procedure and then they took him away for anesthesia.  A little while into the procedure Dr White called into the waiting room to tell me what he had discovered and get permission to proceed.  Thankfully the tonsils and adenoids were not interfering with the apnea, but the glottis was.  This is a condition called Laryngomalacia and required a procedure called Supraglottoplasty.  When the procedure was finished, the doctor came and escorted me to the PCICU to see Brinkley.  He explained what he did and said that everything went well.

I was excited to see that sweet Liz was our nurse.  She is one of our favorites in the unit and is wonderful at explaining everything to you in a way that you can understand.  Liz and the doctors were quite impressed with how well B was doing and soon moved him to 8D where we again had wonderful nurses who have cared for Brinkley before.  Everyone was talking about how much he has grown since our last stay.  

Because everything went so well, there were no restrictions on Brinkley and we planned to be discharged the following day.  We were held up with a leaky feeding tube and crazy weekend hours for the pharmacy, but we left the hospital late afternoon on Saturday.  One night!  Only one night!  I couldn't believe it.  My little guy had a procedure go smoothly and we were in and out in one night!  

As we were preparing to leave, I kept thinking back to the drive in.  We drove through some bad storms in Orangeburg and I happened to notice a rainbow.  Watching the colors intensify as I drove I thanked the Lord for his faithfulness and took it as a reminder that He had heard my cries for a smooth procedure and no set backs for Brinkley.  He was faithful and got us in and out of there.  

Thank you for your prayers for Brinkley during the procedure!  God is faithful and we are excited to see how this helps with his respiratory issues.  

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