Thursday, May 26, 2016

Picture Day Perfection

There is a children's book that Reese loves.  It's called Picture Day Perfection.  Here's the Amazon description of the book: 

It’s picture day, and the boy at the center of this charming picture book wants to make sure his picture is perfect. It seems as though everything’s going wrong for him—he has bedhead, a stained shirt, and a big scowl on his face. But when he goes up for his picture, he thinks about his terrible appearance, and he smiles—because he secretly wants his picture to be the worst ever taken! But just as he smiles, the photo is snapped and his plan is ruined—the photo looks great.

If you follow me on Facebook you have probably seen my posts about Reese's school/group pictures in the past.  I'm pretty certain that the young man in this story is his idol.  It's become a somewhat of a joke to anticipate just how crazy the next picture proofs will be.  Imagine my surprise when his 2nd grade Spring pictures came home last week and this is what I saw: 

There's hope that he'll reclaim his throne as the king of crazy school/group pictures in 3rd-grade!  

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