Saturday, February 7, 2015

Polar Dipper

As a parent, some days are exhausting.  Some days are great, some ok, and some make you want to throw your hands up and crawl back in bed.  Today was a day that made me proud.  

This morning we were up bright and early.  It was team picture day for basketball and we were scheduled to arrive by 7:50 am.   I got Reese outfitted in his uniform and packed up some layers for our adventure that was to follow the game.  

After a great win (28-8), we jumped in the car and headed to the marina at our local lake.  I explained to Reese that we were going to a fundraiser where people would be jumping in the lake.  He wanted to know what they were raising money for so I explained. The goal of the plunge was to raise money for Pennies 4 Preemies to help them support the Children's Miracle Network and local families of preemies and/or children with special needs.  

After telling Reese that people were raising money to help little babies like Brinkley, he asked if he could give money.  Recently he lost his first tooth and he has managed to rack up some money from the tooth fairy and various family members.  My cousin was jumping as a representative of the restaurant that he manages (a sponsor of the event).  I told Reese that he could give Dustin his money and it would go to help the babies.  

When we arrived and saw Dustin, Reese took four quarters out and gave it to Dustin.  Dustin turned the money in and I thought that would be the end of it.  A little later Reese pulled out the treasure box he was keeping his money in and pulled out his five dollar bill and more quarters.  He wanted to give this to the babies also.  This time he accompanied Dustin to the station to turn his money in.  I was nearly in tears as he has been fiercely guarding this money.  

Moments like this are the ones that make me forget about the headaches, messes, hair pulling, and general frustration.  These are the moments where I stop and think maybe I'm not a total parenting failure.  Something is getting through to him and he is listening.  I'm not so sure that it is always me that he is listening too, but I am pretty sure that he is listening to the little stirrings the Lord puts in his heart.  

As if that weren't enough, he went to the Krispy Kreme station and paid for several donuts and only took one.  He wanted the lady to give them to someone else.  (Granted, he's not allowed to eat donuts and I had no idea he had done this until I caught him with the doughnut in his mouth.)  

Before we left he visited the mobile boutique that was on site and told the owner that he wanted to buy me a necklace.  He picked one out and paid the lady for it.   By this time he only had a couple of dollars left, but the lady thought he was so sweet that she gave it to him for two dollars.  

Is this kid really six years old?  Some days he seems like the oldest little soul.  What a gift he is!  Days like this help me get through the ones where I feel like a total failure.

As a side note, Reese decided that he wanted to take the plunge with Dustin.  After some time to think about it he decided to take a dip instead.  He "pushed" Dustin in and then he went down the ladder until he was waist deep.  That was enough!  After his dip he played in the dirt on the shore for quite a while and got NASTY.  He looked up and me a little higher up the bank and said, "Mommy, this is the best day ever!"  

I love my little polar dipper! 

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