Sunday, June 1, 2014

Being Hopeful

The craziness of the end of school has taken over at our house.  We have been so busy with all of the things that come with this time of year.  We're still here and doing pretty well.  Brinkley had a recent short hospital stay due to Rhinovirus (common cold), but otherwise we are continuing to feel more like a typical family everyday.  I am very hopeful that this week we are moving one step even closer to being non medically complex.  

Tuesday both of my boys will be seeing the Gastroenterologist (GI).  We are hoping to have Reese tested for Celiac's Disease as it could possibly be an underlying cause of several issues that he has had.  As for Brinkley, this is his regular check up.  My hope and prayer is that Dr Markowitz will agree that it is time to remove his G-tube.    Over the last few months we have seen his surgeon, dietitian, cardiologist, ENT, and endocrinologist and all agree that they are fine with the tube being removed as we no longer need it and we have not used it in 10 months.  The GI has to give the final decision, but I am hoping that the opinion of the other doctors will help him with the decision.  

Please join us in praying that he will agree if the time is right!  Stay tuned as Brinkley has had quite the social life lately and I plenty to share.

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