Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No Pomp & Circumstance Needed

Today marked an anniversary for our family.  It's the anniversary of an event that has made a significant impact on our family.  You'd think that this would merit some sort of celebration, some amount of pomp and circumstance, but that was not the case.  In fact we didn't really even talk about it.  I don't know if Bryan even realized that it happened and I am sure that Reese and Brinkley had no idea.

One year ago today Brinkley and I walked into Dr Raunikar's cardiology office and left in an ambulance.  That ambulance took us to the PICU at GHS Children's Hospital where we spent the night.  The next day we boarded a plane and were airlifted to MUSC where we prepared for Brinkley's first open heart surgery.  

This morning we made that drive again.  I couldn't help but think about it as I pulled into the parking lot at CHOC for Brinkley's doctor appointment.  Today's appointment was with sleep medicine and not cardiology, which helped ease my anxiousness a little.   

We've come a long way in the last year.  Just a few weeks ago Dr Raunikar gave us a wonderful report and scheduled us to come back in February.  Brinkley is taking his bottles well and has not used his feeding tube since August.  His respiratory problems (with the exception of asthma) are practically nonexistent now.  Great strides have been made in therapy and he is exceeding our expectations.  As of today, we are attempting CPAP therapy to treat his sleep apnea.  

Brinkley was not going to let the day go by without something to make it memorable, so he decided to surprise us and break 15 pounds.  He hung out at 13 pounds for a few months and then finally hit 14 pounds two weeks ago.  Reese was not going to miss out on the action and had a great day too!  His kind heart brought tears to my eyes this afternoon as I watched him make friends with a little girl that has a disability.  

There may not have been any outward pomp and circumstance today, but there was a lot of praise and thanksgiving for how far we've come!  We are truly blessed.

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